BMW Realty Advisors provides owners of retail properties with the expertise required to maximize value. Our strategies and actions will prepare a property for its next capital event.

Through extensive years of experience, the principals of BMW have proven they know how to achieve solutions. As owners of property, they think and act like an owner. This is contrary to how many managers and brokers may operate. BMW will help a real estate investor achieve their goals, which is a distinguishing factor when choosing someone to add to your team. BMW does not just identify problems and hope for the best. They identify problems, provide strategies and create solutions. After explaining your options in detail, BMW will help to implement these strategies to maximize the value for your property.


Los Angeles Office
1334 Parkview Ave #100
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Corporate LIC #: CA 01527204

My relationship with Bob (BMW) goes from Landlord to Tenant to becoming my boss, leader and mentor in this industry. I would recommend BMW Realty Advisors without reservation.Glenn Rosen, Senior Vice President - Centennial Real Estate